South African University Teachers - Projects


In 2020 the NCC discussed the possible projects that it could lead at a national level to strengthen university teaching across the sector. Below are the projects submitted and approved by DHET.

Continuous Professional Learning (CPL)

Project Lead
Dr Esmarie Strydom


  • Develop a guideline for a national CPL framework that can be contextualised by individual universities, as well as a database of existing institutional policies.

Target Audience

  • Will be from Emerging and early career academics to academic management, leadership and development support staff. Directors and Heads of centres of T&L are also part of the audience.


  • Develop a nationally responsive CPL framework and concomitant policies, guidelines, and procedures that can be contextualized for institutional relevance by any of the 26 public universities.
  • Develop a database of CPL programmes for access to the 26 public universities.
  • Develop professional learning communities.

Blended and Online Learning (BOL)
Project 2_Dr Britta Zwada

Project Lead
Dr Britta Zawada


  • In line with the African philosophy of ubuntu and the principle of peer collaboration the aim is to establish dedicated Communities of Practice (COP).


  • Create COP that will share and collaborate at a national level to leapfrog academics as teachers into the 4th Industrial revolution in education but firmly set in the South African context.
  • Create a National Library of Open Educational Resources to support sharing and collaboration.

Target Audience

  • Academics as teachers in the BOL environments.
  • Academic developers who are tasked with assisting and training academics as teachers.

Developing the field of academic development as a profession
Jo-Anne Vorster project lead

Project Lead
Prof Jo-Anne Vorster


  • To work with academic development staff to strengthen the academic base and stature of academic development as a profession and a career path.


  • Magnify academic development as a profession with status in South African higher education.

Target Audience

  • Academic developers (ADs) at public universities.

University teaching leadership development
Dr Kasturi Behari-Leak

Project Lead
Prof Kasturi Behari-Leak


  • To develop a national and institutional cohort of senior and middle level management who are capable of developing teaching and learning leadership.


  • Establish a national and institutional cohort of senior and middle level management who are capable of developing teaching and learning leadership.
  • Facilitate succession planning by enabling participation of aspirant, leaders-in-waiting who will manage teaching and learning in the future.
  • Create a Leadership community of practice to form collaborative networks to respond to crises, challenges in the national context.

Target Audience

  • Senior and middle-level HE managers, e.g. Faculty Deans and HoDs, Teaching and Learning Centre Co-ordinators, aspirant Deans and HoDs.
  • Directors of Units/Schools associated with T & L as well as T and L project managers and deputy deans with responsibility for teaching and learning.
National University Teaching Awards (NUTA)
Project 5 Professor Clever Ndebele

Project Lead
Prof Clever Ndebele

NUTA will be high-status, high-profile awards that will not only recognise meritorious university teachers but will raise the profile of university teaching.


  • Develop a framework for NUTA and the implementation of the awards.

Goals include but not limited to

  • Celebrate quality teaching by recognising contributions to teaching in support of students success
  • Augment the status of teaching in higher education by recognising outstanding academics

Full goal list available on the NUTA page

Target audience

  • Academics
  • Academic management and leadership (from VCs, DVCs Academic / T&L, Deans, Directors and Heads of Academic Departments)
  • Directors and Heads of Centres of T&L or Continuous Professional Development
  • Academic development support staff
  • Stakeholders in HE, e.g. USAf, SATN, SAQA, other quality councils, professional bodies
  • The public
  • Students

The five projects above will be supported by a sixth project, NCC administration. Three administrative assistants will be appointed centrally to form the secretariat for the project. They will report to the Chair of the NCC and will be responsible for providing administrative support to the Chair, the NCC, the Executive Management Committee and the other five projects. This includes managing the budget, compiling reports and communicating with the HE sectors, including marketing activities like the NUTA.