Academics and teaching and learning specialists at all South African public higher education institutions are eligible to apply for this award. Each university identifies and nominates a maximum of four candidates through processes that are transparent and inclusive.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria for applications take into account the inherent inequalities that characterise higher education institutions across the country. As such, three categories of awards are instituted:

Beginner teachers ( in their first five years of teaching)

Experienced teachers (who have contributed over a lifetime / shown leadership in discipline-specific education)

Teaching and learning specialists (who have shown innovation in teaching and learning)

Applications can be from individuals or from a teaching collaboration team.

A teaching team consists of two or more academics, or teaching and learning specialists, who collaborate over a sustained period of time to develop and deliver a module, course, or programme. This can include the development of an innovative programme, or collaborative work on a project such as the renewal of a module/programme. The portfolio should indicate the role played by each team member.

Applicants need not necessarily be recipients of institutional awards but should be endorsed by the institution.